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My Approach

What is the integrative model?

Women are seeking more values based care now. Let’s work together to re-balance your hormones the integrative way!

What do I mean by that?

about dr. la reesa's approach

I chose to work with women the way I always envisioned it when I was in medical school and training. The whole person — your mind, body, and soul. Sure, I understand the problem, and yes, I have a solution, but what is your strategy if it’s not catered to you? Personalized to you. Created for you.

LaReesa Ferdinand, MD, OBGYN and her approach to Hybrid Health

The Integrative approach in medicine is the future. An integrative approach uses a combination of therapies, “integrating” conventional approaches and complementary, or what may be deemed more unconventional therapies, to achieve optimal health and healing. 

My unique proprietary framework through an integrated approach helps you reach your desired outcomes and prevents strictly cookie-cutter solutions and more personalized values based care.  Personal data is a valuable commodity and it needs to be used wisely and applied in the right circumstances. 

I am a fan of Femtech. Femtech refers to diagnostic tools, products, services, wearables, and software that use technology to address women’s health issues, including menstrual health, reproductive health, sexual health, maternal health, and menopause. This can be used in any integrated model with the right structure and strategy.

When you take an individualized approach that keeps your natural biology in mind, yet weaves the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of what you do with evidence-based tools and resources, you can achieve optimal health and healing.


It's time you invest in your health.

I want to partner with you. It’s time to invest in your NOW and WHAT’s NEXT. Investing in your health is one of the best things you can do. It spills over into all other aspects of your life. And guess what, like hormones, women are a part of every life cycle and human experience.

It starts with us as we heal ourselves; it reaches out to our communities, our businesses, and the global world around us. Not all areas may be necessary depending on everyone’s unique situation. All are considered building blocks of supporting the whole body system.

7-comprises of the following:

Specialized Services:

Common Symptoms:

Future Services:

Specialty Services

Medical Weight Loss

With our Medical Weight Loss Program, we don’t play guessing games, especially if the root cause is hormonal imbalances. We drive results based on your personalized and unique data, offering you a sustainable approach that actually gets results. You won’t be left wondering what it all means or trying to squeeze in an extra gym session in an already busy day. It’s time we take back control and work with your body to help you gain the confidence and guidance you need to let that weight go.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

The Integrated model of medicine helps to heal and address hormone related disorders that may come up with typical, or not so typical hormone imbalances over a woman's reproductive and post reproductive stages. It may involve one, two, or more medications, or simply the right lifestyle modifications to get right results or start feeling like yourself again. Regardless, one size doesn't fit all and the diversity of solutions count.

Age Well

There is a misconception about aging. Some experts may think of it as only as a matter of a process, others manage it mainly as a disease, then there is a blend of both. Ultimately, aging is a state of mind that impacts you more physically, mentally, and emotionally. Those who “age well” are measured on how they are able to still function and live life less dependent on others, or their children, or less doctor visits and medications. Or maybe you judge aging by “maintaining your strength and mental stamina. Regardless, aging is a natural process that happens, it’s up to you on how you want to age and still live with vitality, less pain, and more comfort.

Hair Loss Recovery

Get your confidence back! Sign up for a FREE HAIR LOSS Recovery CONSULTATION. If you are dealing with these issues, you deserve to receive assistance from the top professionals in Orlando.

Are you ready to be bold, brave, and powerful? Your time is now.