Go beyond the typical pap smear and annual check-ups with the Wholeistic Annual. Pave the way for better health and finally get the care you deserve. Gain more vitality and independence over your health and life. Finally, discover the “why” behind your health woes.

Who is this for?

Discover what a true medical partnership feels like. Feel heard, understood, and validated. The Wholeistic Annual will empower you to…

  • Get unstuck and out of your own way
  • Understand what’s actually going on beneath the surface
  • Plan for proactive care rather than reactive care
  • Find what works best for you, your body, and your mind
  • Start preventing chronic inflammation, cancer, and cardiovascular disease
  • Create health goals and self-advocate
  • Feel as though it’s never too late
  • Live a better representation of yourself
  • Discover reasons behind mood fluctuations and body changes
  • Resolve symptoms via alterations that align with your lifestyle
  • Pinpoint why you might feel fatigued or joyless
  • Feel confident and ready to take back control


Beyoncé’s BeyGOOD Foundation Awards Grant to Florida Women’s Health & FemTech Expert LaReesa Ferdinand, MD

Dr. LaReesa, founder of Thrive Beyond Wellness said, “I’m honored and proud to be one of the BeyGOOD Foundation grant recipients and I gladly represent less than 3% of African-American female physicians.”

“My focus and vision is to help create intergenerational health advances by redefining mindset and intentional actions through whole body connection, innovative possibilities, and human experience.”

Winter Garden, FL – Women’s health expert and FemTech advisor LaReesa Ferdinand, MD, FACOG, is one of the Central Florida organizations recently awarded grants funded by BeyGOOD Foundation, the public charity founded by Beyoncé Knowles-Carter in partnership with Adidas. This program was administered by the African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida.

LaReesa Ferdinand, MD, OBGYN

Hi, I’m Dr LaReesa.

I am a women’s hormone expert, integrative health coach, and consultant with nearly two decades of experience in women’s health as a board-certified OB/GYN physician. Nothing gives me greater joy than having the privilege of being on this incredible journey with other women. 

I once heard someone say that when you think about your life’s passion and about gravitating toward your destiny, it’s helpful to start with what frustrates you. Ask yourself – What gets under your skin? What drives your inner spirit? 

As an OB/GYN, I have an impactful job that I love because there is nothing I love more than working with and helping women. I have shared incredibly private moments with my patients, where they bare their hearts and souls and secrets that often aren’t shared with spouses or other loved ones. Even after the clinical visit ends, I have lingering thoughts about how I can go beyond the office visit to continue the dialogue – a dialogue that will impact countless women and the quality of their lives. In medical training, you “see one, do one, teach one.” Oftentimes, however, it is only the “see one, treat one,” with little time left to “teach (and transform) one.” This is what we need more of today—teaching, inspiring, empowering—so that others can make their own transformations. 

And this is why I created Thrive Beyond Medical Wellness.

Dr. LaReesa

Wholeistic Annual

Be brave and finally seek out the care you deserve. It’s time for a more Integrated Approach.

With the Wholeistic Annual, we go beyond the typical 10-15 minute annual medical check-up. It’s not just a quick “hello” and “goodbye.” Instead, it’s a true partnership to help guide you in making medically informed decisions that set you up to prevent bothersome health woes that impact women and get the most out of trusted expert advice and accountability.

This is a guided experience that doesn’t just entail a regular pap smear or getting your tatas checked. It’s all about living healthier with more vitality and independence for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Take a new approach to your health and life. Be brave, bold, and courageous when it comes to taking the bull by the horns and taking back control. With the Wholeistic Annual, it’s like attending an annual check-up but more. This can help determine if we are a good fit, as well as help you get the attention and care you crave to get your health on track.


Wholeistic Annual

Key Features:

  • 1:1 60-Minute Consultation

  • Pap Screening (if needed)

  • Follow-Up Telemedicine Visit

  • Targeted Map and Guide With Actionable Steps

  • Woman’s Functional Health Lab Report

(*Additional fees apply.) Recommended lab reports are not included but are strongly recommended to be completed and reviewed at the time of this appointment consultation.

Are you ready to be bold, brave, and powerful? Your time is now.