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frequently asked questions

How can I become a patient?

Easy.  Call and schedule at 407-410-8878, or Submit an Initial Intake Form, and schedule a time to speak with our Clinical Care Concierge to make arrangements at a time that benefits you.   

All new patients will start with a 1:1 Consultation via video conference after submitting a Health Profile Questionnaire. 

This is done to give more time and alleviate the anxiety and pressure of reviewing details of your intimate history from the comfort of your own space, and to see if our model approach fits you before investing more time and money..  

Introductory lab tests are highly recommended but not necessary to start your journey at Thrive Beyond.  You may even submit any lab tests over the last year so that we may have as much information needed prior to our visit together.  

Do you accept insurance? What payment methods do you accept?

No, we do not participate in insurance plans currently. We honor transparency with cost as direct fee-for-service arrangement without hidden charges. 

If you have private insurance coverage, you may be able to get reimbursement for your visits/testing that can apply to your HSA/FSA plan.  We also participate in CareCredit financing programs, and offer competitive payment plans for membership services. 

We will be happy to supply any information or codes necessary to ease that process for you, but we will not communicate directly to your insurance company unless medically necessary.  

Since not all insurance companies will cover integrative models of medicine that include longevity and personalized care, to keep costs down for all, we do provide you with a superbill that has coding information. We encourage you to submit this information to your insurance for potential reimbursement

How would you describe your medical practice and the Thrive Beyond approach?

This is a concierge style modern medical wellness practice for women.  We are proud of our hybrid model of telemedicine and in-person visits that fit your busy lifestyle.  

Here at Thrive Beyond we use an approach that is proactive through a whole body connection to help solve your problems.  We may use complementary holistic therapies that have been shown to be safe and effective, as well as incorporate functional medicine and metabolic medicine tools to reach a personalized plan  tailored to you.

What services do you provide?

We offer an extensive slate of gynecologic and women’s based health related services from the evaluation and treatment of hormone disorders, bio-identical hormone replacement, gut health, longevity care, weight release management, preconception epigenetics, pelvic floor dysfunction, and peri/menopause care. In the near future, we will be providing other sexual wellness procedures, PRP,  and hair restoration. Click here for more details of list of services.  

How is this different from my current OB/GYN services?

Dr LaReesa Ferdinand is a board certified OB/GYN and the owner operator of our  integrative medical wellness practice. She has extensive background, education, and advanced training in anti-aging and precision medicine tools for longevity.

Dr LaReesa no longer does outpatient OB or in patient surgeries, however, she does still see women for their annual wellness exams, problem visits,  bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, weight release management, menopause transition care, postpartum health, and contraception.

Our goal is to focus on advanced health optimization, preventive care and developing a relationship with our patients that gives us more quality time and improves patient outcomes.

Can I still be seen if I have insurance?

Yes.  We recommend keeping your insurance for unexpected events or medical emergencies outside of our scope of practice.  This includes hospitalizations, surgeries, or other therapeutic treatments.

Can I use my HSA or FSA to pay for services and/or membership ?

Yes.  You will always pay for services directly. For reimbursement, we can provide you codes to submit to your insurance if you choose to use HSA/FSA.  If you want to submit to the insurance company yourself you may.  However, we cannot guarantee coverage and we do not communicate directly to insurance companies. 

In addition, you can use Care Credit Financing plans.

Please consult and understand your benefits with your health care plan.

What if I need labs or imaging? Depending on your package/membership plan certain labs are included.  However, we can manage prescription and physician orders for radiology tests or referrals.

Do you offer  in-office visits? Yes, we currently are offering in-office visits  by appointment only. We will be starting to offer these services Summer 2023, but are actively enrolling patients to be a part of our community starting with your telemedicine visit.

Why do we exist? What is our WHY? Our mission is to create an integrative healthcare experience that empowers, heals, and transforms women so they can positively impact their lifespan and their community. Heal women.  Heal the world. 

What if I decide to cancel my membership? We do require a three-month commitment however, we understand your needs may change. After the 3 months, if you need to cancel, you may do so with no hassle. If you signed up for an annual term and decide to cancel, your remaining balance will also be refunded.

Are you ready to be bold, brave, and powerful? Your time is now.