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Medical Weight Loss

12-Week Program

Embrace a personalized whole-person wellness model for physical health and weight management.

About the Medical Weight Loss Program

12-Week Medical Guided Weight Loss & Wellness Program

Experiencing unwanted or hormone related weight gain? Embrace a personalized whole-person concierge medical wellness model for physical health and weight management.

  • Targeting hormonal weight gain and belly fat.
  • Featuring GLP-1 medication injections (Semaglutide/Tirzepetid ) a breakthrough medication for effective weight management.*
  • Dedicated holistic strategy with nutritional assessment for support, motivation, and accountability.
  • Cutting-edge labs overseen by Dr. LaReesa, a renowned Women’s Health and Menopause expert.
  • Say goodbye to stubborn weight gain and embrace a lifestyle of vitality and confidence.
  • Elevate your well-being with our comprehensive, concierge approach to weight loss and a metaboism boost!

“Dr LaReesa transformed my health and wellness. I went from brain fog, extreme fatigue, and frustration to energized, and understanding boundaries for increased wellness and overall improved health. Her individualized care focused on all aspects of my life ultimately setting goals and providing tools for me to thrive as a mom and a professional”- Kim

Benefits You Will Experience:

  1. Effective Weight Loss: By addressing hormonal imbalances and metabolic factors unique to your age and body type, our program empowers women to achieve meaningful and sustainable weight loss

  2. Increased Energy: Improved hormone balance and optimized metabolism translate to increased energy levels, allowing women to feel more vibrant and active in their daily lives.

  3. Enhanced Well-being: With personalized coaching and support, participants experience improvements in overall well-being, including mood stabilization, stress reduction, and better sleep quality.

  4. Healthier Body Composition: Peptide therapy and nutritional guidance promote the development of lean muscle mass while reducing excess body fat, resulting in a healthier body composition and improved physical strength and endurance.

  5. Long-term Health Benefits: Beyond weight loss, our program focuses on promoting long-term health and vitality, equipping women with the tools and knowledge to maintain their results and minimize the
    risk of age-related health issues.

  6. Confidence and Empowerment: By taking control of their health and achieving their weight loss goals, women in menopause regain confidence and a sense of empowerment, embracing this new phase of life with vitality and optimism.

“It's time to release unwanted weight, shame, and guilt. It’s time to thrive.”

~ LaReesa Ferdinand, MD Integrative OBGYN

This 12-Week Medicall Supervised Program is to optimize metabolism and feel great!

  • Concierge 1:1 services with a physician
  • 60 min Weight Loss Consultation
  • GLP-1/Semaglutide & Tirzepatide included
  • Metabolic Cleanse Reset
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Health Coaching (2 visits)
  • Virtual and In-person access
  • Personalized medical wellness plans
  • 30 Day Supply of supplements
  • Weight Release Biomarker Lab Panel (not included)

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